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How to develop engagement?
Enabling effectiveness
Is your organisational culture aligned with your performance objectives?
Enabling effectiveness
Managing in a matrix organisation?
Enabling effectiveness


Challenges managers say they face when managing across different countries:

Changing individual behaviour
Cultural differences
Business practice differences
Headquarters too remote
Labor law differences
Accounting and tax differences

(Source : KPMG)

  • WHAT managers do is the same the world over. HOW they do it is embedded in their tradition and culture. Peter Drucker

    Peter Drucker
How we can help you increase global effectiveness:

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« Export et Interculturalité » dans le cadre du Salon « Who’s next » avec Capucine Destailleurs et Patricia Brafman

Interview à télécharger ici


« 3 Questions to…Capucine Destailleurs » interview from la Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin

Interview à télécharger ici


Intercultural awareness open course 


According to a Gallup 2011 study on work commitment:
of collaborators are commited
of collaborators are not commited
of collaborators are actively uncommited

How can managers respond and change these behaviours?

  • “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

    John F Kennedy

What they say....

  • Management

    « I know Capucine as a great professional, caring for the value of her work as well as for the people. Capucine has the real quality of having insights on the products as well as imagination on their evolution. These are most precious asset both for her and for the wise professionals who are in contact with her ! »

    Amaury d’Aviau de Ternay
  • Capucine Destailleurs has coached my top management team for a period of 3 years Her work has made a significant impact on my organization on 3 levels : The personal growth of each of my staff,  Their improved ability to work as a team,  My improved capacity to drive them in the necessary direction. Capucine has been able to accompany each one of them in the evolution process of their role, well adjusted to the situation at hand. Team work in the coaching process became way more efficient and common projects have seriously speeded up since.  That is a significant asset to our current business.

    Christophe LerougeCEO Crepuscule

Who we are



Capucine Destailleurs

Capucine Destailleurs is a business coach, facilitator and consultant in leadership development, team performance and intercultural management.

She is passionate about enabling individuals to develop their skills and competencies.

Capucine delivers training and facilitation on management and intercultural issues across Europe.

She also draws on her own cross-cultural experience when working with clients: she is half Swiss and half French, was partly raised in England and has lived and worked as a manager in London, New York and Paris.

Clients describe her style as engaging, dynamic, paired with good educational skills and ability to synthesize with a focus on result.

Capucine is a regular keynote speaker at Thalès and the “Fédération du prêt à porter féminin et des accessoires” on various countries specific cultural traits .

She started her professional career in the financial industry where she spent 14 years working as sales manager and later as sales director. She later worked for a US software company to launch their French office as European sales director, and also worked in executive recruitment due to her keen interest in interpersonal relations.


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Capucine Destailleurs