Management is about inspiring trust and credibility

Management is about gaining trust and credibility

Levers of management to build trusted relations

  • What empathy?
  • Communication skills
  • Mastering strategies of influence
  • Running efficient meetings
  • Dealing with conflictual situations
  • How to carry challenging communications
  • Instilling change and give meaning
  • How to detect and assess potentials
  • Adapting one’s management style
  • Adapting one’s leadership style

Levers of management to gain credibility :

  • Know how to give constructive feed-back
  • Organisational capacity
  • How to motivate and mobilise for action
  • Delegation vs. organising tasks
  • Training
  • Transfer of expertise
  • Implement change
  • How to define clear and challenging objectives
  • How to delegate power/management

Who is it designed for :

  • Leaders,
  • Managers of managers
  • Operational managers
  • New managers in a new position
  • Project managers

How we operate

We operate through :

– Coaching sessions

– Custom made trainings

Our comitments

LCCI organizes a transfer of knowledge and skills through:

– Supports which alternate cognitive contributions and practical exercices

– Going from an instinctive or empirical functioning to a rational operation-based tools and a structured framework

– By means of specific objectives

– Thoughts on the basis of concrete cases

– Encouraging thoughts and solutions seeking

– With educational materials

– Support by specialized certified senior consultants