Conferences, Trainings & Coachings

We design and deliver:
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Coachings.
Our engagement :
  • A macro approach in a multi international work environment in which « country briefings » don’t fit in any longer
  • Exclusive tool (6D Model) offering keys for understanding & insuring the acquisition of lasting competencies
  • Taylor-made designs ( illustrations and workshops are specific to your needs, industry, context, level of hierarchy…).
  • An interactive approach helping to optimize awareness and solutions.


Our offer: a macro approach

1 – Training: Sensitization

Who for : Anyone involved in an international environment. Dealing, working or  interacting in their daily work or contex with other cultures

Learning objectives :

  • Raise awareness and acceptance of cultural differences
  • Understand one’s cultural progamming and bias and their impacts
  • Identify common and diverging traits
  • Gain tolerance and adaptability

Our "Plus"

  • A global approach customizable to all kind of audience
  • Taylor made preparation (illustrations and workshops according to  the industry, levels of management, context like mergers …)
  • An interactive and dynamic approach to optimize the learning

Format : conference or 1 to 2 days training sessions

2 – Training topic: Build competences 

Who for:

Employees in regular contact with colleagues, clients from other countries

Project managers, leaders, country managers, team leaders, high potentials.

Learning objectives :

  • Use of the I.R.C Intercultural Readiness Check to assess one ‘s own intercultural capacity
  • Develop one’s capacity to observe and analyse situations
  • Understand and apply the motivational needs in other cultures
  • Learn to deal with difficult or confrontational situations

Our "Plus"

  • A taylor-made preparation: interviews with results integrated in the design of the seminar;  design of specific cases according to participants needs etc.
  • Interactive sessions based on participants experiences and reflection
  • Participants will come out with a deeper understanding of the country’s values in order to allow participant’s autonomy following the training.
  • Pragmatic and concrete tool box of best practices
  • Individual action plan
  • All our senior consultants are certified and have lived and worked abroad

Format :Bespoke 2 to 3 days sessions

Specific programs

  • Leading @ distance ©

Designed for : Managers with distant collaborators from other cultures  and/or project managers interacting with colleagues from different cultures.

  • Team development

Designed for : Multicultural teams losing efficiency

  • Sales and negotiation 

Designed for : Sales, Sales director

Objective: Understand the values and motivation roots in sales and negotiation between cultures.

Learn how to adapt accordingly to maximise results.

Integrate cultures when building sales strategy

  • Management in a global context

Designed for : Leaders and managers of intercultural teams

  • Getting ready to move abroad..or back home

Designed for : Expatriates and impatriates

 Various topics on which courses can focus:

  • Working effectively in a multi-cultural context: how to ensure effective collaboration, communication and outcomes.
  • Working across cultures: Decision making
  • Management across culture: How to motivate
  • Working across cultures: Communication in leadership
  • Working across cultures: Meeting and planning
  • Management across culture: How to give feed-back
  • Working across cultures: Negotiations
  • Working across cultures: Sales and culture
  • Working across cultures: Marketing and culture
  • Managing International Projects
  • Management across culture: Change management


« The 6D Model© » from Pr. Geert Hofstede

  •  The Geert Hofstede model is a data driven model mapping cultural differences.
  • It offers a navigation tool allowing to better understand other cultures’s behaviours and motivational process.


The « I.R.C » : Assessment of intercultural competences 

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This test captures four intercultural competences which can be trained and developed.

– intercultural sensitivity, intercultural communication, building commitment and managing uncertainty.

  • « Cultural Survey »: the aim of this survey is to give you your “cultural profile” enabling you to discover which culture(s) you are the most at ease with.


  • Country briefs specifics covering : management style, communication, sales & negotiations, meetings and times management.


  • « Culture Compass » :a digital app offering more than 100 country to country comparison of cultures with explanations of the model.

Learn more on Culture Compass

Culture Compass

Training methodology

  • Consistent messages throughout all tools: cases, assessment, quizz..
  • Common reference system helping to create an « internal language ».
  • Interactive and dynamic coaching and training modules.
  • Flexible and adaptable design.
  • Experienced senior consultants able to deliver in French or English.